We are two mothers of diabetic children. When confronted with our own children's need for independence, it was clear that we should combine our complementary skill sets to help diabetics and those with other chronic illnesses. This is how a designer on the one hand, and an engineer specialising in change management through games on the other, embarked on the great DID ACT adventure.

We have developed an innovative method for designing fun educational materials involving parents and caregivers. Each project is an opportunity to involve experts, to bring together a multi-skilled team and to play, play, play, with numerous user-testers. In short, we live an exciting life, full of interesting encounters and fun and we would like to thank everyone involved either as experts or those who test our creations.

Having created our first game with the help of crowdfunding, we have since worked on various board and video game design projects. Our range of therapeutic serious games has been developed in response to needs identified by health care teams. We also offer unique and tailor-made projects to help you use our tools and enrich your therapeutic education practice. Our desire to use our skills to help those with chronic illnesses continues to grow and our PLAYING FIELD IS EXPANDING!

Aline and Sabine

A company with real values

The secret of success

is to unite multidisciplinary teams who share the same values

Listening to your needs

All our products are designed by and for users

Pretty, playful, fun

We use our skills to offer bright, fun and ergonomic products that take the stress out of everyday life


We use our skills to offer bright, fun and ergonomic products that take the stress out of everyday life.


Scientific accuracy, technical support

Social Contact

Committed teams and partners for whom social equality is at the heart of their organisation

What about social and solidarity economy

Colore Ma Vie has been an approved social benefit company (‘ESUS’) since December 2019.

This initiative is reflected not only in the company's values but also in its organisation.

We make the choice to develop products that respond to all the needs that have been identified, whatever the number of people concerned by this need. Our status as a social and solidarity economy enterprise, means that we do not have to be immediately and systematically profitable.

We also implicate other structures of the social and solidarity economy in the development of our activity :

  • all our stock and preparation of our packages are managed by an ESAT who has been specially formed for these logistic activities.
  • Most of the textile products of COLORE MA VIE are made in ESAT or insertion workshops. Their production enable the employees of these structures to develop their skills in various domains.
  • the packaging of our products is also done in an ESAT

We are also committed to developing eco-responsible sourcing. We supply our textiles ourselves, principally to French suppliers and whenever possible we choose the Oeko Tex label.

What motivates us everyday is to have the chance to meet great people through the different projects we run and to forge social links. COLORE MA VIE is therefore above all a great human adventure!

ESUS approval is granted by the DIRECCTE based on criteria relating to the social purpose, salary policy, governance and the framework for remuneration of capital. Approved ESUS companies are eligible for funding from various foundations.