Aline Chemineau

Aline Chemineau

Playing to understand change

15 years’ experience in change management and project management at an international level using gaming methods.


  • Engineer, école Centrale Paris (2005)
  • Masters in Fashion Innovation (ENSAIT)

Areas of expertise

  • Change management for a range of organisations (including industry, non-profit sector and health)
  • Game mechanics for managerial and educational purposes
  • Project management implementing lean and agile methods, implementation of lean and agile methods
  • Supply chain, flow and export management

My passions

  • Meeting new people
  • Dancing
  • Laughing together
  • Transmitting knowledge
  • Contact with children


  • Fluent english, 13 years’ experience in an international environment
  • German
Sabine Bertrand

Sabine bertrand

Magic through design

15 years’ experience testing, creating, implementing, developing, collaborating, discovering, stimulating, building, facilitating, launching and designing projects to support professionals.


  • Masters in Product Design Engineering and Industrial Systems RUBIKA/ Institut Supérieur de Design in Valenciennes (59)

My 3 areas of expertise - my playing fields

  • Support for legal professionals : Legal Design Trainer –
  • Medical sector : supporting large laboratories and hospitals
  • Commercial sector : supporting regional bodies and business leaders with know-how and communication

My passions

  • Watercolour painting
  • Neuroscience
  • Role play
  • Baking pretty cakes
  • Video games


  • Livre « 10.950 jours dans la peau d’un dirigeant »
  • Blog « Maman designer de deux enfants diabétiques »

Voluntary work

  • President of ANJOUDIAB : An association for families with diabetic children in the Maine-et-Loire region 


COLORE MA VIE is located in the digital greenhouse (Serre Numérique) in Valenciennes. This location, which cultivates synergies, is home to the Rubika group’s three schools (design, video game and animation), a serious game research team, several video game studios with which we are partners, experts in 3D printing and it offers a wide range of equipment (cinema, photo studio, video editing, sound recording, fablab and a UX analysis laboratory). Building on the synergies offered, Sabine Bertrand, graphic designer and facilitator, and Aline Chemineau, a game mechanics engineer, both mothers of diabetic children, develop their projects in collaboration with groups of patients and caregivers.

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