COLORE MA VIE, listening and analysing your needs
at the heart of our creative process

A method

All our projects start with
a phase of listening and analysis
of what is needed.


everyday use

We facilitate
meetings involving
patients and caregivers.

We carry out
qualitative and
quantitative surveys
with our panels of testers.

products with
real added value

Integrating scientific knowledge

We consult and validate with specialists on treatment protocols and/or educational objectives.


All our projects start with
a phase of listening and analysis
of what is needed.

everyday use

We facilitate
meetings involving
patients and caregivers.

products with
real added value

Nous réalisons des questionnaires
qualitatifs et quantitatifs
auprès de panels de testeurs. 

Integrating scientific knowledge

Nous validons avec des spécialistes
les attentes en termes de
protocole de soin et/ou d’objectifs

Products designed BY and FOR users

Our accessories are fully adapted to patients’ activities, helping them to overcome their limits.

They can travel easily, practise (sometimes extreme) sport, or just enjoy life’s little pleasures!

Our therapeutic serious games are developed in partnership with caregivers, which allows their educational objectives to be defined precisely. They are then tested nearly one hundred times by caregivers, patients and game specialists.

Grands-parents épaules

Bringing colour and play into everyday life

Colore Ma Vie brings colour into patients’ lives by offering original accessories and therapeutic serious games for families and healthcare professionals

With their attractive, colourful and practical products, Colore Ma Vie brightens up daily treatment.

Two offers

Creating products that suit you

Drawing on our professional experience and conscience of keeping co-design at the heart of our work, we offer turnkey solutions as well as OEM.

« Our ambition is to improve quality of life, patient independence and to maintain the social connection. »

Colore Ma Vie is the ideal partner to develop and produce client specific OEM* solutions.
We support our partners by advising and helping them to create their own tools and accessories. We offer our expertise to create tailor-made solutions.

*OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer


Equipment bags and accessories

Colore Ma Vie is with you at each stage of the project, always respecting your brand, its DNA and its values!
We offer a wide range of services:

for a different patient experience

The therapeutic « serious game » and teaching aids

Offer a custom-made game tailored to your educational objectives and give your patients a unique experience.

The therapeutic ‘serious game’ produced by Colore Ma Vie targets chronic diseases based on the client’s needs.
We offer advice and support in serious games as well as developing and writing the games. We bring our expertise to help choose the best solution and support, in line with your educational needs.
A serious game is an activity that combines a serious intent – such as education, information, communication, marketing, ideological, or coaching – with a playful resource. Serious games can be video or board games.

Our expertise and tools


Colore Ma Vie offers tailor-made training to:
Colore Ma Vie offers tailor-made training that combines practical workshops and theoretical training.
You will have the opportunity to discover player profiles and how to use these profiles in TPE, the art of explaining the rules in an efficient way, the best methods for debriefing a round to get the patient to build his knowledge and to anchor it in his memory, and even how to incorporate the Colore Ma Vie games for the general public into your educational objectives.

MADE IN FRANCE at the heart of the social and ethical economy

Colore Ma Vie offers you the option of having your designs produced in France in our ethical economy partner workshops.

ESAT* and insertion workshops: our privileged partners

Our partners have an important place in our company’s management. We provide activities that give them the opportunity to achieve their goals: employee training and skills development and access to employment.

We give them the chance to diversify, train in new areas, work in a team and gain self-confidence.

* French vocational rehabilitation centres for disabled workers.

Social innovation

Social innovation, while striving for optimum quality, Colore Ma Vie has implemented Lean Management to fit its mission, overcoming diversity management constraints while ensuring a level of quality that allows us to export, for example, to the United States.

Made in France

Buying a Colore Ma Vie solution or accessory also means supporting an ethical and civic-minded approach that benefits everyone. In fact, we have chosen exclusively French manufacture. From design to manufacture, each stage is 100% Made in France. Furthermore, we are keen to work with French suppliers.

Colore Ma Vie strives to meet a triple objective:

– 1 –
Guarantee the highest
product quality
– 2 –
Actively take action
to develop the local economy
– 3 –
Encourage the training
and integration of a diverse public